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Conversion Landing Pages

With a full range of services designed to increase qualified website traffic, our US-based, in-house experts, deliver measurable qualified traffic to your site. First they need to analyze your current traffic.





conversion landing page ad campaign button


The top performing funnels have a ‘message match’ that runs from Ad Campaign to Landing Page. We customize Landing Pages to the ad creative being used for Facebook, Google Ads, or Email in order to provide a streamlined experience.


This is our most effective weapon. We use the best direct response copywriting techniques to connect with future customers and drive conversations. We make sure every page is persuasion-packed by using our 46-Point Go-Live Checklist.


We ensure your pages look good on all devices by featuring conversion oriented design. Pages are designed to be read, while lowering anxiety and friction to the messaging.




conversion landing page objective



What action do we want the user to take?

First we must set the parameters of the conversion goal to determine the type of goal for your conversion Landing Page. These are a few examples:

  • Request a quote
  • Make an inquiry
  • Book a free consultation
  • Download a Lead Magnet
  • Book an appointment
  • Buy a product / service
  • etc.



Develop compelling direct response copy

The best copy informs the user that they are in the right place and then compels them to take the suggested action.

Confirmation of the right place is as simple as providing message-matching.

Your Landing Page may be about 10% message matching, whereas the remaining 90% are free to convince the user to take action.

Use the following formula to predict conversion: C = M + V + I – F – A

Conversion = User Motivation + Value Proposition + Incentives – Friction – Anxiety

conversion landing page hierarchy



Page structure that answers users’ objections

Understanding the user is fundamental to being able to serve their needs best.

  • Relationship: Do your visitors have an established relationship with you? Less persuasion will be needed if there’s existing bonds of trust. If you’re looking to boost cold PPC traffic to your page, you’ll need to build trust by conveying credibility.
  • Complexity: How much explanation will your offer require? You may wish to consider using a Landing Page for a free house painting quote vs. a Landing Page that sells enterprise software. The metrics of information, explanation, and convincing are completely different.
  • Commitment: If you’re asking for a big commitment, such as asking a large fee for an initial consultation, then you’ll be required to demonstrate the value while reducing anxiety. Consider adding a free guide to your Landing Page to ease your customers’ concerns.



Design to get the copy (messages) read

  • Whenever page structure gets in the way of the message, comprehension dips and overall conversion suffers.
  • Use headings and sub-headings to showcase the core benefits or message.
  • Use short, punch copy
  • Consider using bullet points when appropriate
  • Make sure your Landing Page makes clear sense at-a-glance
  • Use button copy, like Calls to Value, on your page when you are at the point where the user can be convinced to take action.
  • Use large buttons with contrasting color to make them really pop.
  • Use professional images that build on your points in the copy. Limit stock image use as much as possible.
  • Use images of people looking at the Call to Action buttons that you want users to click on.
  • Diagrams can simplify many aspects of the process.
  • Use different background colors for each page section. This makes it easier for users to follow along using the questions they have in mind.
  • Stick with the branding guidelines so the landing page stays consistent as looking like part of the brand.



You can never use too many proof elements

It’s always important to mention the benefits and what’s-in-it-for-me components of a product or service, but remember that today’s customers have more reasons than ever to be skeptical of claims marketed towards them. We can build trust with customers using these tools:

  • 3rd Party Verifications
  • Associations
  • Awards Won
  • Before and After Results
  • Case Studies
  • Celebrity Endorsements
  • Certifications
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Client List
  • Comparisons with other Services / Products / Competitors
  • Contact Information (prominent in the header)
  • Credible Photos
  • Demonstrations
  • Team Photos
  • Guarantees or Warranties
  • Tell the Story of the Company
  • Infographics and Visualizations
  • Logical Arguments
  • Product Reviews
  • Media Exposure
  • Quote from an Authority
  • Reasons Why
  • Research Findings
  • Scientific Studies
  • Social Media Proof
  • Social Proof & Testimonials
  • Specialization
  • Specificity (exact language, pricing, etc.)
  • Test Data
  • Testimonials
  • Trust Seals
  • Unique Mechanisms (what makes the service unique)
  • Valuable Content
conversion landing page call to action



Feature Calls to Actions prominently

Calls to Action compel the user to commit an action and drive the conversion goal. Your page structure, copy, and design should be oriented to cause this goal. Each Conversion Landing Page needs:

  • Call to Action buttons clearly visible above the fold
  • Calls to Action throughout the page at each major section.



Connect forms to your marketing platforms

Landing pages work as part of larger marketing systems as part of a larger digital campaign. Your campaign objectives will be determined by technology, user flow, and the data requirements of your conversion landing page.

We recommend any of the following Landing Page Platforms. All listed feature easy integrations with the leading CRMs and email platforms.

  • Instapage
  • Unbounce
  • Leadpages
  • Click Funnels

We recommend any of the following email platforms.

  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Get Response
  • Constant Contact

We recommend any of the following CRM systems.

  • Active Campaign (our recommended CRM & marketing automation platform)
  • Infusionsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Agile CRM
  • Zoho CRM



Use the Thank You page to develop the relationship

The Thank You Page provides one of the most underrated tools in digital marketing today. Many users will download their promised Lead Magnet and then possibly never return.

Our Landing Page offer will stand out with our unique Thank You page.



Setup Google Analytics conversion tracking

The information from your conversion landing pages must be accurately tracked in your Google Analytics data so you have the full picture of what drives your sales. We recommend setting up Call Tracking to monitor calls off of Landing Pages. A third party tracking solution will capture your click to calls, as well as any time a user phones your number.



Run through our 46-point conversion checklist

Every Landing Page is marked against our 46-point conversion checklist to maximize all persuasive elements.



Roll out tests for continual improvement

We are always monitoring performance from day one of activity. We are constantly adapting and shifting our goals to better suit your own moving targets. Improving the performance of your Landing Pages enhances the customer acquisition stage of your funnel.

Conversion Landing Page FAQ’s

What Is Included With My Purchase Of A Press.Care Website?2022-11-01T09:20:34-04:00

With your purchase of any Press.Care website, you will receive:

  • Lifetime security updates.

  • Premium backend and frontend database scripts and plugins.

  • More than 100 Premium Design and Layout Elements prebuilt into your site for future and current design use.

  • Detailed help files, constantly updated for use by your in house team if they care to update or troubleshoot and elements in the future.

  • Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry standards & trends.
  • Big websites always work with popular 3rd partyWordpress plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, HubSpot, WPML, and more.

Where Can I Get Support?2022-09-06T10:41:23-04:00

Hands-on support with our professional team of support experts is accessible by phone, chat, email, and support ticket communications 24/7.

  • To access support ticket system for non-emergency support, you will need to register a support account here.
  • Once your support account is set up, you can submit support tickets.
  • Learn how to navigate your support account Dashboard here.
  • You can also phone as or contact us using the info here.
  • For a detailed overview of our support policy read our terms.

Why Should I Trust Press.Care?2022-11-01T09:20:03-04:00

Trust is a quality that we take great care to foster and maintain by building long-term professional relationships that our customers can rely on. Here are some important qualifiers:

  • The #1 selling Website Development company and top rated according to consumer reports 11+ years and counting.

  • We love what we do and who we do it for. Your future is our focus.

  • All Press.Care websites are 100% developed and maintained in-house, in the USA.

  • Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry security standards.

  • Press.Care has no dependence on 3rd parties to deliver a stable & seamless website development experience.

  • 5500+ websites developed, along with help files, WordPress plug-in authoring and continued updates to keep all sites, scripts, and software, secure and updated.

  • We have created numerous video tutorials, with new videos, added regularly.

  • Press.Care WordPress websites work with popular 3rd party plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, HubSpot, WPML, and many more.

  • Years of evolving Press.Care’s website builder by listening to our customer’s feedback is what helps shape Press.Care’s roadmap for the future.

  • A community of Press.Care customers has created a very well-established online community forum.

  • Close to 6,000 Press.Care websites and counting, that’s real experience to help you build your dream website.

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Businesses often use Facebook or Google Ads in order to drive traffic to their website, typically their homepage. This practice is very inefficient.

Conversion Landing Pages are custom-made for the advertising campaigns we employ, with the end result goal of conversions.

Landing pages can transform traffic into leads. This strategy connects to the Drives More Leads stage of your customer acquisition funnel.

Get More Leads With Press.Care Landing Pages

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

Get More Leads With Press.Care Landing Pages

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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