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Provo Organic SEO Company, Press.Care, offers search engine optimization services to Provo, Utah and nationwide. We have a verifiable success record placing and keeping businesses in the top five listings of Google search. We work with companies of all types and sizes to help them grow their brands and businesses.

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Nestled in Utah Valley at the county seat of Utah County is Provo. The Provo-Orem metropolitan area is the second largest in Utah after Salt Lake City and is a hotbed of economic opportunity. The local region is host to beautiful mountain ranges and vistas that are perfect for boating, skiing, biking, and other outdoor activities. Each year the world-famous Sundance Film Festival takes place every January in the nearby resort community of Sundance. Some of the sights to see include the Covey Center for the Arts, the historic Provo City Library, and Lakeside Storage and Museum.

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Provo’s economy is booming and there’s never been a better time to invest in the region. Forbes magazines recently ranked the city second on its list of Best Places for Businesses and Careers, while scoring it first for community optimism and health/well-being. Some of the largest economic sectors include education, health care, and retail.

With our Provo SEO company, you’ll have a winning team on hand to get your brand and business noticed in this bustling marketplace. Our team provides a full suite of digital marketing services, including content writing, link-building, and e-commerce.

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All of our SEO Experts have at least five years of hands-on SEO experience. All work is performed in house without any overseas outsourcing.

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Provo SEO Company Advanced Strategies

Keyword Strategy

Having the best practices in keyword research is crucial for creating a winning campaign. By making use of comprehensive site auditing and performing keyword research for your industry, we will build the keyword list that will get your business noticed. Our Provo SEO company professionals have experience in businesses of all sizes and niches.

Link Building

Our Provo SEO company uses the top link-building strategies to increase the ranking of your website. By incorporating the best practices in search engine optimization, we use quality link-building techniques with our private blog network that secure more high authority inbound links. These links will get your page to the top of more search results pages.

Content Writing

Provo Content Writing SEO

The best weapon in any digital marketing campaign is well-written, engaging content. Our writers and editors can produce winning copy that boosts the visibility of your company. By crafting unique content that is optimized with optimal keyword usage, you build your brand and turn loyal customers into ambassadors for your products.

On-Page SEO

Fine-tuning the elements of your pages is one of the leading factors in boosting their rank and getting them seen. By tweaking such elements as metatags, images, and other components, your pages will be more visible for the most relevant keywords for your industry. We always use data-driven tactics and techniques.

Provo SEO Company Designs and Optimizes Beautiful, High-Ranking Websites.

Search engine optimization begins in the early planning stages of each website design. From the naming of images to the writing of title headings and content. Beautiful websites need to be found to be useful for your business. That is when the value of good SEO web design can be truly appreciated.

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Local SEO

Get more people visiting your store or business location using our Provo local SEO Company services. We’ll set up and enhance your local directory profiles for services like Google Business, Yahoo!, and Bing. Let our Provo SEO experts increase the brand visibility of your business to boost your foot traffic.

Technical SEO

Provo Technical SEO

The technical facets of your pages are just as important as every other. Aspects like page load speed, responsiveness, and usability are crucial to converting leads on your pages. If your site stutters or takes any extra time to load, you will lose customers. Keep them on the page and avoid those costly page bounces.

E-Commerce SEO

Our Provo SEO company staff have the skills to optimize your e-commerce sites to maximize the retention of users and increase your sales. We provide the page enhancements that will get your site on more search engine results pages. Get more conversions and boost your revenue with our world-class SEO services.

Franchise SEO

Our enterprise-class of search engine optimization is perfect for your multi-location franchise operation. Running digital marketing campaigns that serve the brand while also the needs of the unique store locations can be difficult, be we have the solutions for your business needs. With us in your corner, you’ll get more foot traffic and generate more revenue.

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Provo SEO Company provides specialty services for many industries

From SEO for Dentists to SEO for Plumbers, we have the experience to build winning campaigns for any size or type of business. Partner with Press.Care, a Provo SEO company, and grow Press.Care.

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