Level 1 Employees, Welcome to convert.press.care – Work At Home (WAH Option)

Level 1 | WAH Confirmation Agent | Pay Rate = 12 Hr. with WAH Option

Level 1’s are required to work in the office until an average of twenty confirmations per hr. for four consecutive hours is reached, before being cleared to WAH.

To maintain employment at Level 1, and continue WAH, you must average twenty confirmations per hr.

Advancement to Level 2 is optional after 1 week of success at Level 1

Level 2 | Confirmation Agent | Pay Rate = 13 Hr. Plus Bonus

Must average 4 Audit Reviews per hr. in the office.

Advancement to Level 3 is possible after 1 week of success at Level 2

Level 3 | Client Services | Pay Rate = 14 Hr. Plus Bonuses

Job descriptions vary for this position. You will be expected to maintain client communications and work effectively with productions staff.

Google Maps Listing Confirmations

Enter as www.yourdomain.com
Do not add http://
Add your initials in Last Name
to be credited.

Hello, Good Morning/Afternoon

Is this, BUSINESS NAME located at BUSINESS ADDRESS, and your website is DOMAIN NAME is this correct?

Great, The email address we have on file is BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESS is this correct?

This is Google Maps calling to confirm information on your google maps listing is correct and to send an Audit report that will show how your website appears in Google search. T

he email address we have on file is BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESS is this correct? And all I need is a first name for my confirmation record, to show who we spoke with.

The audit report is free and it will show you any problems with your website so you can fix them.

If you get rejected, assure them that you are not selling anything and the call is on behalf of google maps to confirm the business information listed in Google maps is correct and to send the audit report.