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Dentistry is a booming industry in the United States with steady growth in the numbers of both dental offices and customers alike. Standing out and getting noticed has never been more crucial in terms of realizing your full potential as a practice.

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There’s never been a better time to be involved with dentistry, with U.S. News and Report magazine having ranked the profession as the second-best vocation to have. Just because the industry has a phenomenally low default rate doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near as profitable as you could be. If you don’t have a winning local search engine optimization plan for your dental office, you’re gonna fall behind.

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Having a modern and easy-to-use business website is a minimum expectation for most of your patients, but your future patients need to be able to find your site when looking for dental services online. SEO provides the tools for fine-tuning your office’s website to be better visible in search engine queries. SEO for dental offices may also involve making the site more mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

Attention is the currency of the marketplace and Press.Care is ready to help your business website become more noticeable. With more attention, you increase your customer base to maximize your appointments and revenue. We have the winning strategies to help your dental office grow, with long-term-minded goals as our focus.

By tweaking your website’s optimization to be more in line with best practices, we get your site ranked higher on search engine page results (SERPs) as you target your ideal audience. We know the high-value keywords for the dental industry that will boost the ranking of your pages and get your business seen by more friendly faces.

Press.Care has talented local SEO technicians with years of industry experience to keep your appointment books as full as you would like. We create winning campaigns for dental offices with strategies such as comprehensive keyword research, link-building, and crafting high-value content like blog articles that include information like dental care tips.

Our experts have the tools to help you reach your business goals and we’re never satisfied unless you are. Our dentist SEO company technicians will develop a winning campaign that drives more future patients to your site.

Why Choose ‘Press.Care’ Dental SEO Company Services?

Search engine Optimization for dental clinic

Even though provides services across the nation, we started in Central Florida back in 1997 as ‘Digital Global Networks’, offering web hosting, website design, and Search Engine Optimization, to more than 50,000 clients. 25 Years later, we have expanded to include “brick and mortar” offices in twenty more cities. We know what it takes to get more clients in the door for dental offices, so contact our agency today to stand out in your market and grow your business!

Local Dental SEO Strategizing

SEO For Dentists

Secure the Top Search Rank Positions

Running a dental practice is demanding and time-consuming work. You have employees to manage, an office to run, and patients to care of. Have you been maintaining a solid local SEO plan, or are you losing patients in your area to the competition?

If your appointment books aren’t as packed as you’d prefer, it’s probably a good idea to invest more in your local SEO strategy. Not only will you be able to attract new patients, but you can also attract more patients seeking procedures with higher profitability or patients who align with your specialty better.

With “near me” searches increasing by 500% in the last few years and 97% of all consumers using search engines to learn about local businesses, having a solid local SEO plan is a must for dentist offices.

The era of the phone book is over, and you must be present and active on the web as a business to be visible to potential patients. Reaching one of the top-ranking positions on local search engine results pages (SERPs) will increase your online visibility and give you more leads. If competition for patients in your area is intense, you can’t let bad SEO cause you to lose money.

With over 25 years in the industry and more than 50,000 clients served, Press.Care SEO Company knows the techniques and methods that will get your office in the coveted Local 3-Pack, the block of 3 local businesses that Google provides at the top of search results. For more information about our processes and service information, continue reading, or give us a call at 800-396-5839 to speak with one of our local SEO experts.

What Makes Local SEO Different From Standard SEO?

Someone searching for information on your business from the other side of the country probably isn’t looking for a root canal, but the person in your city or town searching for “root canal near me” has far greater intent to require immediate services. Having the wider online visibility provided by SEO will benefit your business, but local SEO is what really connects you to potential patients actively searching for the services you provide in your area.

Your website is graded by well over 200 ranking components by Google and many of these are not made public. Google means to connect its users with the most relevant and quality results for search queries. Staying on top of Google’s algorithm is a job best handled by experts. Select Press.Care SEO Company to get in contact with a team who knows effective local dental SEO strategies that will increase your number of procedures booked.

The Importance of Local SEO for Dentists

Local SEO is what drives local search users in your area into finding your dental office for search queries involving dentists or specific services they may be seeking. Over seventy percent will visit a business within five miles of their location. You’re only running against your local competition in the area to stand out, so optimization efforts often show quicker in terms of results.

Our 4-Step Plan for Local Dental SEO

1. Keyword Research

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You may be intimidated by “keyword research” as a topic, but it often starts with something as simple as starting a relevant Google search and taking notice of related search suggestions under your search bar. You’re going to need to generate a list of keywords that you presently rank for in search results, while also making sure to pay attention to the keyword rankings of your competitors.

You’re going to need to make careful considerations of keywords that patients use, so choose related keywords that are relevant to your dental office. It’s best to not prioritize the most generally used terms like “dentist.” Users could be looking for information regarding the profession, or they could be actively seeking service. You’re going to wanDental Local SEO screen shot 2t to use long-tail keywords like “best dentist in Reno, NV” that better help connects to user intent for their searches. If you’re focusing on a phrase like “dental implant services,” you’re going to want to use relevant terms like “dental implants” with more conversational phrases like “how much do dental implants typically cost?” which will get your content to rank higher for multiple keywords. You also cannot forget to include using local information like your city, town, or regional area name to also help increase your local SEO relevancy in user searches. You’ll also need to adjust your keywords to account for trends in seasonality.

Understanding the user intent of the search is crucial to understanding how to best connect them with the services you provide. Is the patient searching for a dental product, or do they need to book a root canal? The intent of the search matters far more than the exact words being used, so understanding how your patients use search will be key. By viewing the content that ranks highly, you’ll have valuable insight into what keywords or phrases to use. You’ll then need to develop strong content that builds around the aim of your keywords.

2. Fully Develop Your Google Business Profile Page:

Once you’ve created a Google Business Profile (GBP) listing, you’ll show up on both Google Search and Google Maps results once you’ve verified your name, address, and phone (NAP). Optimizing your GBP means filling it completely out with information like your practice’s hours, your business category, and a description of your services. Google won’t show your listing without including all the information requested. You’re also going to want to include your local keywords in your site description. Once you’ve fully set up your GBP listing, it will be more likely to show up in Google’s local SEO 3-Pack, which shows the top three ranking businesses for local searches.

Dental Local SEO Google Maps Screenshot

By encouraging your patients to leave positive reviews, your site will rank even higher. Make certain that your online directory profile information for sites like Yahoo! and Yelp is correct and up to date. If your NAP is inconsistent and Google notices, your credibility will be affected and your results may be ranked lower.

3. Create A More Valuable User Experience

Google also prioritizes a positive user experience (UX) in how its algorithm ranks content. A great way to improve the UX of your site is by posting answers to relevant frequently asked questions on Google. A great FAQ page increases your site value and makes it more relevant in searches. Increasing your credibility with Google works hand-in-hand with the credibility you gain from being seen as an authority in your field when online. By including more content like informational blogging posts and social media posts, you increase site engagement, visibility, and credibility. There are also technical considerations to make like making sure your site is mobile-friendly, navigation is streamlined, and duplicate content is eliminated. You’re also going to want to create unique service pages for each one of your unique dental services, in addition to a local page that focuses on local content. By optimizing your pages both in the front end and back end, you’ll be positioned for greater success.

4. Tracking to Stay on Top:

Knowing what your local SEO is accomplishing is critical if you intend on dominating the field. Local SEO may be less cutthroat than customary SEO services, which can be a slower burn to mature. Tracking the impact of key performance indicators like your rankings, conversions, and page traffic will be an absolute must. As your local dental SEO experts, we’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager to send you weekly and monthly reports that show you key insightful details. We also will connect you to our client portal, which gives you 24/7 access to your local dental SEO campaign.

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Dental SEO Company Advanced Strategies

Keyword Research

Dental SEO company keyword research

Conducting extensive keyword research is fundamental when it comes to every campaign. This information reveals a lot about your business, from potential audience size to the keywords that help you better understand your industry. Having a stellar keyword list also allows you to monitor the performance of your sites.


Dental SEO company link building

Securing links from other websites is crucial to increase the ranking of your pages. Link-building is a crucial process that builds your brand and increases your referrals. This leads to faster site indexing on Google, which will get your content ranked higher. The short of it is, you’ll reach more customers and convert more of them into customers. We include link-building with our premium SEO services.

Engaging Content

dental SEO company engaging content

Having unique and well-written content is one of the best ways to increase your web traffic. SEO content writing means catering to your audience as much as you cater to Google’s indexing search bots. Content is best when it’s simple, clear, and provides effective messaging. Our Dental SEO company writers can produce search-engine-friendly content that keeps readers on the page.

On-Page SEO

With business searching happening online more and more, your pages need to be in optimal shape to help your pages be better “understood” by Google’s search algorithm. Some of these tactics may involve the best keyword practices, title tag tuning, and cutting out needless code. On-page SEO is key for driving such metrics as a higher ranking, better click-through rate, and increased conversion rates.

Dental SEO Company, Designs and Optimizes Beautiful, High-Ranking Websites.

Search engine optimization begins in the early planning stages of each website design. From the naming of images to the writing of title headings and content. Beautiful websites need to be found to be useful for your business. That is when the value of good SEO web design can be truly appreciated.

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Local SEO

Having effective local SEO is an essential element of every business, particularly as customers move online more and more for their search needs. By making effective page changes, we can get your business in the coveted Google 3-Pack, a grouped listing of local businesses for a geographically-based search request.

Technical SEO

dental SEO company technical SEO

Optimizing the infrastructure and framework of your site may sound tedious, but it’s crucial to make your site friendly for search engine sites to boost your ranking. Having a site with best practices in technical optimization is key if you want to get organic traffic from search engines. Let our Dental SEO Company experts fine-tune the elements of your site from page speed, schema, URL structure, and sitemaps to boost your site traffic today.

Franchise SEO

Having an enterprise-class business can have its own particular set of difficulties, but Press.Care’s Dental SEO Company is here and ready to help you reach your goals. Franchise marketing creates cohesive and concise branding while the individual store locations need to have their own particular needs addressed.

Online Reputation Management

As more and more adults view internet search results as a trustworthy source of information, having your reputation managed digitally can be critical if you plan to grow your business. We’ll monitor your reviews and other information to better help you stay on top of any social media attacks or bad-faith reviews from belligerent parties. We’ll drown out bad reviews with positive ones.

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With winning conversion rate optimization (CRO), you’ll increase your customer volume and revenue. We’ll learn how to better target your ideal audience and gain more insight with every tested hypothesis that we will run. CRO is a must-have in today’s environment to best maximize your office’s potential. Your competitors are certainly using CRO, so enlist our dental SEO company professionals to keep up.

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