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Email Marketing

With a full range of services designed to increase qualified website traffic, our US-based, in-house experts, deliver measurable qualified traffic to your site. First they need to analyze your current traffic.





Email marketing prospects


What does your ideal customer desire and need? Is it something they need to have or feel? Or do they want to be seen differently by others? Will you have to educate your customers regarding your goods or service? Having mindful understanding of your audience is key to your email marketing strategy. This portion drives your entire funnel messaging.

Email Marketing Response Copy


This is our top secret weapon. By using proven direct response copy, we will boost your reach and drive more conversions into paying customers. Our comprehensive checklist makes certain that your emails are jam-packed with compelling content and trust-forging components.

email marketing sales


We incorporate email marketing campaigns into your marketing automation platform or CRM to assure that sales support, lead nurturing, customer onboarding, referral campaigns, and reviews are fully automated across the board. We expect an average return on investment of $44.25 for every dollar spent on email.






Get new prospects to know your business

Tell the story of your company. What is your vision for the future and what values do you hold? Email marketing provides direct communication between you and your audience.

email marketing like



Get new prospects to like your business

People aren’t going to buy from you if they don’t like you. Make those key connections with future prospects. Share your stories and discover new insight on their problems. Give them high value content and showcase your personality and process.



Get new prospects to trust your business

It may take as many as 7 exposures for some customers to develop enough trust with your company to have confidence buying from you. Show off your expertise and detailed knowledge. Provide testimonials, case studies, and customer success stories to win fresh audiences. Good email marketing campaigns increases audience trust.



Make a low risk intro offer

Provide your customer with a low-risk initial offer like a sample or low-priced product under $10. You might also consider offering free consultations or product demonstrations. You are trying to convince them to invest either more money or time into the business relationship. Building rapport with email marketing will lead to future sales.

email marketing buy



Make your core offer

Show off your core service and fulfill your obligation completely. Create enthusiastic new customers with a prime onboarding experience. Give them all the financial details they would need.



Upsell and cross sell

Now that you’ve provided your core service to a newly won customer, you are now able to boost your profit. Cross-sell with related products and services. Upsell to the best value opportunities. Provide customer-only sales. Enroll customers in a customer-only newsletter.



Get positive reviews online

Use an automatic process to solicit customer feedback. Pleased and enthused customers are asked to leave online reviews while displeased customers will be asked for private feedback on how best to meet their goals.

Email Marketing Refer



Encourage customers to become active promoters

Evaluate results with clients. Promote partner offers. Request referrals.

Email Marketing FAQ’s

Can You Use My Current Email Marketing Platform?2022-10-31T15:20:42-04:00

Absolutely. We can develop email marketing sequences that use any CRM or marketing automation you are using.

Are You Able To Both Design And Write Copy For Emails?2022-10-31T15:20:14-04:00

Yes. We handle all aspects of email production, including writing, design, and further setup.

How Frequently Should I Be Issuing A Newsletter?2022-10-31T15:19:34-04:00

Consider putting out material at least monthly. Email marketing is consistently one of the most efficient channels available. Stay in front of your database to help control your costs.

Are You Able To Design For Any Kind Of Niche?2022-10-31T15:18:43-04:00

Yes. We can build and develop campaigns for any kind of niche. We don’t accept clients who operate in fields considered unethical, such as tobacco, weapons manufacturers, or get-rich-quick schemers.

What If I Have A Topic That Requires Specialized Knowledge?2022-10-31T15:17:06-04:00

We have three options available:

  • We look towards anyone in our team who may have relevant experience in your field.
  • We ask you to supply supplemental material related to your content.
  • We interview you to collect your thoughts and understanding of the subject.
Why Might I Consider A CRM Like Active Campaign Over An Email Marketing System Like MailChimp?2022-10-31T15:16:37-04:00

We’ve partnered up with Active Campaign because it features both a sales CRM system and marketing automation. Active Campaign incorporates market campaign attribution, an easy-to-use interface, an open API, and all at an affordable price. Meanwhile, MailChimp is primarily a marketing automation platform without options as robust.

What Systems Do Your Designs And Email Templates Support?2022-10-31T15:15:54-04:00

We use practice templates of the highest industry standard to serve as the starting point of our designs. Your emails will render beautifully on all clients, devices, and screens.

What Will Be Required Of Me To Begin Production On An Email Marketing Campaign?2022-10-31T15:15:21-04:00

We will need you to fill out a briefing document and/or request you to attend a strategy briefing call. This will lay out objectives and strategies that will be formulated for the email marketing campaign.

My Open Rate On Emails Averages At About 20%. Is This Considered “Good?”2022-10-31T15:14:27-04:00

That is all highly dependent on the type of industry, list, and type of email being sent. Our experts are ready to examine your current email newsletter performance to see what tweaks and performance boosts can be made.

How Many Different Types Of Email Sequences Are There?2022-10-31T15:12:12-04:00

There are far too many to list here, but here’s a list of some of the most common ones.

  • Follow up sequence

  • Upsell / cross-sell sequence

  • Review/feedback sequence

  • Referral sequence

  • Abandoned cart sequence

  • Renewal sequence

  • Event sequence

  • Lead nurture sequence

  • Engagement sequence

  • Conversion sequence

  • Onboarding sequence

What Is The Typical Amount Of Emails That Would Be Required For A Nurture Sequence?2022-10-31T15:11:32-04:00

It’s highly dependent on the sequence involved. Most will start with 3 emails and then work up from there.

Are Your Emails Optimized To Look Good On Mobile Devices?2022-10-31T15:10:36-04:00

Absolutely. Your emails will look great on all systems and displays, including phones.

How Is Email Template Testing Handled?2022-10-31T15:09:53-04:00

We calibrate for all modern devices using the testing features provided in our email marketing platforms. We will also send test emails in order further check. Test emails can be sent to you for approval at your request.

What Is The Typical Turnaround Time?2022-10-31T15:09:19-04:00

Everything depends on the relative size of the email nurture sequence. Most of our sequences take 10 business days to be written. Another 2-3 days are required for setting up the design and then developing them fully in your email marketing platform.

Will I Need To Produce Images Or Will You Be Able To Source Stock Images?2022-10-31T15:08:42-04:00

Stock images are always an option, but original and professionally-made shots of your business and team often inspire far better results.

What Is Your Refund Policy?2022-10-31T15:07:54-04:00

We have a no-refunds policy on email marketing campaigns. There is a vast amount of time that goes into the planning, research, and strategy phases. We put heavy consideration time into the consultation period and you will receive many opportunities to change your vision as you see fit. Our goal is to get the job done right on the first attempt, but we offer unlimited revisions to guarantee satisfaction.

Can I Suggest Changes And Make Other Improvements To Designs If Needed?2022-10-31T15:06:32-04:00

Of course! We offer as many revisions as you deem fit to guarantee satisfaction.

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Companies that use email to nurture leads create 50% more leads at a third of the cost. For every dollar spent on email marketing, the average ROI is targeted at $44.25.

Email marketing assists you in sales generation, which syncs in with the Make More Sales stage of your customer acquisition funnel.

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Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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