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Google Ads Management2022-12-12T10:17:22-05:00


Google Ads Management

Campaigns are produced to align with all stages of the Funnel, from Traffic, Lead, and Sales components. Our experts offer a free live analysis of your account. They will give you a clear view of your current performance at no cost.

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Google Ads Management strategy


We begin with a thorough assessment of the market. By understanding your competitors, high-value keywords, landing pages, and messaging approaches, we can develop the best strategies being deployed. Campaigns are produced to align with all stages of you Customer Acquisition Funnel, from the Reach, Lead, and Sales components. Cold traffic campaigns and remarketing campaigns are then used to orchestrate leads and sales.

Google Adwords Management segmentation


Relevancy is the secret to Google Ads management. We put our expertise to work in producing segmentized campaigns. On average our accounts have a handful of campaigns, thousands of keywords, thousands of negative keywords,thousands of Ad Groups, thousands of Ads, and hundreds of Ad Extensions. This information is used to produce relevant ads, boosting performance and decreasing costs.

Google Adwords Management improvement


We administer regular tests for optimization at weekly and monthly intervals in order to supercharge overall results. Many clients’ campaigns are still managing to improve after as much as 4-5 years of management. Account Managers may provide such tasks as Search Query Reviews, Bidding, Ad Copy Optimization, and Targeting on a regular schedule to enhance operations.




Google Ads Management keyword research



Zero-in on high value keywords

We focus on the keywords that provide the highest commercial value returns. We compile the HOT buyer keywords and then rigorously test them against research and comparison-based keywords. Using competitive analysis tools, we can determine what keywords are already being targeted by your competitors.



Steal strategies already working

Your Market Map is then produced to give us an idea of best practices in your market. We lower your risk by improving on existing market trends. We’re always looking for the quickest and most low-risk techniques to implement first.

Google Ads Management landing pages



Use high converting landing pages

Your conversion rates are highly dependent on where your traffic is being sent. We will gauge the performance of your current landing pages in order to make the right recommendations for future upgrades. You may either need to have each of your high-value words given a customer landing page or we can use a dynamic keyword replacement for a singular landing page.



Best practice highly segmented campaigns

We can build a highly granular campaign structure, using top-rated industry strategies. A copywriter will be provided for the text. Our design team will focus on visuals for the remarketed ads. Meanwhile, your Google Ads management system will be tasked to set up the campaign.

Google Ads Management funnel



Campaign aligned to your funnel

Your Google Ads campaign will be suited to coordinate with your sales funnel needs. We’ll perform calculations using our Growth Planning Model to learn which would be most profitable to spend resources on Reach, Leads, or Sales. Awareness campaigns will be designed in order to generate Reach while remarketing campaigns will maximize Leads and Sales.



Google Analytics Goals Setup

We thoroughly track and report on all lead conversion sources, so you’ll have full accessibility across the board. We also use Ads and Analytics Pixels to track conversions on-site or using landing pages. With proper tracking, we build customer audiences for remarketing.



Test to find winning approaches

Once approvals have been given to the first round of creatives, we will begin split-testing Ads with keyword targeting approaches. We often do split tests with 3 Ad Copy creative variations per ad group. Test periods are crucial to getting responsive feedback, and having the market teach us which creative and targeting approach would be the most effective.

Google Ads Management tracking



Track the results of tests to learn

We’re always adapting and evolving with new data produced. With each new test, we’re always learning how better to respond to shifting market conditions. Your Google Ads Management system will serve as a depository of all the test data produced so that we’re all learning and growing together.



Weekly and monthly reporting

You get full control over your data, with weekly performance snapshots and far more comprehensive monthly reports.



Continual improvement on campaigns

We never stop enhancing our clients’ campaigns. Every day all campaigns are checked for key indicators. Weekly goals include target optimizations, budget optimizations, and creative optimizations. New ads are rolled out monthly, with their performance rigorously tested. We’re always finding new ways to boost the efficiency and productivity of existing campaigns.

Google Ads Management Scale



Grow your results safely

Once we have a campaign with a proven and positive ROI, we can scale up the results as your budget allows. This phase can carry many difficulties, but we select the best practices to keep growth safe and steady.

Google Ads Setup & Management


  • 100 Keyphrases Optimized 20 Pages Optimized
  • Custom Campaign Funnel
  • Monthly Performance Reports


  • Includes Grow Plan Plus…
  • 200 Keyphrases Optimized 45 Pages Optimized
  • Weekly Performance Reports


  • Includes Pro Plan Plus…
  • 300 Keyphrases Optimized 50 Pages Optimized
  • Demand Performance Report

Google Ads Management FAQs

Do I Hold Ownership Of The Ads Account Set Up And Optimized For Me?2022-11-01T09:07:53-04:00

Absolutely! All we need to do is connect our management account to your Ads account.

Will You Be Linking My Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) To My Ad?2022-11-01T09:08:29-04:00

Yes we will. Doing this simple step will boost and optimize your Click Through Rate (CTR).

How Often Will Press.Care Work On The Campaign?2022-11-01T09:09:45-04:00

Every week we implement optimization activities for active campaigns. Over-tweaking campaigns can be just as dangerous as complete inaction. Our optimization protocols are supported by data and analysis.

Is There Any Markup Applied To The Ad Spend?2022-11-01T09:10:20-04:00

There are zero markups. You pay for your ad spend directly to either Google or Bing.

Are You Able To Audit My Ads Account To Correct Any Existing Issues?2022-11-01T08:59:14-04:00

Yes, we can analyze your Ads account with a high-level audit. This will identify problems to be corrected as well as show how other areas’ performance can be improved.

Are KPIs Established With Performance Metrics In Mind?2022-11-01T08:59:44-04:00

Performance KPIs are established at the Reach, Leads, and Sales stages of your funnel and provided quarterly. We track and report on this data to show how we keep to our goals.

How Is Return On Investment (ROI) Measured?2022-11-01T09:00:10-04:00

Our ROI formula is measured by dividing profit by the cumulative costs of Ad Spending and Marketing Services.

Can You Build Everything From The Ground Up?2022-11-01T09:00:34-04:00

Not only can we build a brand new campaign from square one, but we are also able to add $100 worth of Ad credit on new accounts.

How Are Phone Calls Tracked?2022-11-01T09:00:56-04:00

We typically use Google Call tracking from Google Ads unless a more comprehensive solution is required. This will include all of your digital strategies, such as Facebook Ads, your website, email, and offline campaigns.

What Kind Of Reports Will Be Provided?2022-11-01T09:05:34-04:00

Our exclusive reporting dashboard gives you detailed information as to how your campaigns are doing as compared to the predetermined KPIs. You may also elect for scheduled PDF reports, depending on your own preferences.

What Is The Estimated Time To Set Up And Establish A Google Ads Advertising Campaign?2022-11-01T09:06:09-04:00

The planning and research phase is what determines your success above all else. This phase is where the entire plan is anchored. We don’t skip on the key planning aspects like keyword research, landing page research, or competitive research. We granularly build your campaign and ad copy with this data. Depending on the complexity of the strategy, most set-ups take about 2-4 weeks.

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Google ads management SEO audit


Google still dominates the competition when it comes to online search information, such as a user finding needing an answer for a specific query. The odds of moving a buyer to your website after they have typed in a search term with commercial intent are quite high. Meanwhile, contrast this to Facebook where you are hoping to make people aware of your product or service.

Your Google Ads management account can impact every stage of your Customer Acquisiton Funnel. We give the best advice for which stage of the funnel you should test first.

Increase Your Traffic With Press.Care’s Google Ads Management

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

Increase Your Traffic With Press.Care

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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