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Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine optimization is what we do best! We drive traffic! Our  SEO experts are required to have a minimum of five years experience in organic SEO to be a projects lead.  

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Make use the best existing practices among your rivals and build upon them to dominate the field. By researching a combination of keywords and competition, we can then identify the right strategies to provide predictable and consistent results.


We can determine the leading strategies already working in the market using our competitor assessment. As a result, we can appropriate the best existing strategies and incorporate them into your own website. We will consequently correct any technical search engine optimization issues, rework site structure errors, and build a solid content plan.


We get the most high quality, high domain authority (DA) and most relevant backlinks from solely white hat sources. We build natural backlinks using guest blogging and custom outreach campaigns in order to make sure you are never penalized by Google.





Technical and content audits

We begin by forming a complete understanding of your business, your goals, and target keywords. Using this information, we then run a detailed audit of your website’s existing search engine optimization against our own industry-best technical and content checklist. You will shortly receive an SEO score, a list of quick wins, and opportunities for improvement.



Assess the competition

We use all of the leading competitive analysis tools to help you rapidly and expertly pinpoint where you measure against your top competitors. We prefer risk reduction by reproducing what works in the market and then taking that info and building upon your competitor’s success in contrast to other methods. This in turn gives us a clear vision of the right program to create.

search engine optimization KPIs



Set SEO objectives and KPIs

We will set objectives for your campaign, thinking in terms of most relevant connections to revenue. Boost key performance indicators (KPIs). Increase organic traffic and rankings, as well as attract new customers for your business.



On-site technical improvements

Our SEO experts will then run you through your audit in order to properly address and correct all of the issues to be found. This one-off stage makes use of your existing assets.

search engine optimization content



On-site content improvements

Using strategies developed in the first two stages, we will furthermore make use of keyword research, including feature keywords, secondary, and semantic keywords. These in fact will be included on every page existing on your site. Our search engine optimization-trained writers will use this revised list to tighten up your existing page. This will in turn strengthen their search engine optimization.



Content Calendar creation and new pages

Keyword Gap Analysis will locate the keywords your website has yet to be optimized for. Scheduled blog posts will incorporate Top of the Funnel keywords, compared to new pages that will feature Bottom of the Funnel keywords.

search engine optimization backlinks



Backlink building campaigns

We will scrutinize the backlink profiles of your top ten competitors, compiling a master backlink plan that will certainly outperform them all. We will then enroll you in a monthly backlink building program that targets only white hat, high Domain Authority, and relevant backlinks.



Monthly reporting and tracking

Our monthly-issued reports produced by our team give you the full transparency of the work being done for you. We will also produce keyword rank tracking to directly show how your ranking positions are being affected.



Quarterly KPI review

We will provide detailed reviews every 90 days between your team and our experts. This allows us to fully assess how the chosen strategies are lining up against the planned objectives.

search engine optimization improvement



Continual improvement

To summarize- the state of search engine optimization is always changing, shifting much like the stock market. Our driven purpose is to strive for improvement every month. In brief, with consistent reporting and reassessment, the best strategies selected mean you won’t get left behind.

Organic SEO Plans

Grow SEO

  • 150 Keyphrases Optimized 30 Pages Optimized
  • 6 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets Per Quarter
  • 8 Custom Dashboards
  • Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard


  • 200 Keyphrases Optimized 40 Pages Optimized
  • 12 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets Per Quarter
  • 8 Custom Dashboards
  • Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard

Dominate SEO

  • 300 Keyphrases Optimized 60 Pages Optimized
  • 24 Content, Outreach, UX, or CRO Assets Per Quarter
  • 10 Custom Dashboards
  • Phone Call, Lead, and Revenue Tracking Dashboard

Search Engine Optimization FAQ’S

What Are Costs Usually Like?2022-11-01T09:12:18-04:00

Our monthly rate for SEO programs starts at around $2,000. There is another $1,500 setup fee for research, communication, and website editing. We provide top-of-the-line SEO services.

Will My Website Need To Be Mobile-Friendly?2022-11-01T08:45:58-04:00

Your site will need to be both mobile-friendly and built for speed. Nearly half of users expect a page to load in 2 seconds and 40% will give up and abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to the analytics firm Kissmetrics. Test your mobile-friendliness and speed using these Google tools.

What Are The Best SEO Tools On The Market?2022-11-01T08:46:32-04:00

SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestics are currently the best options on the market.

Can You Guarantee I’ll Get Results?2022-11-01T08:45:23-04:00

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), are project-specific and require us to meet minimum results. Existing client results are available by searching Google directly to review the top results for any of our clients. References may be available to qualified customers by request. Some are active on our website at present.

Do You Require Long-Term Contracts?2022-11-01T08:48:58-04:00

Cancel at your leisure. We only ask that you provide one month’s notice for your cancellation.

Is SEO Really Right For Me?2022-11-01T08:43:50-04:00

If you’re not in the top spots for the keywords relevant to your business, you’re really going to need to boost your SEO impact.

Is It Preferable To Use SEO Or Google Ads More?2022-11-01T08:44:35-04:00

You should be aiming to incorporate both. Ads can be used in tandem with SEO in order to boost your overall strategy. You’ll be able to confirm which keywords are most profitable to organically target.

What Is The Typical Timetable For Being Able To See Results?2022-11-01T08:45:02-04:00

There are simply too many factors at play to provide simple one-size-fits-all kind of answers. Average campaigns take 6-12 months and every keyword has a unique set of behaviors. Some may have quicker or longer campaigns, depending on how they act.

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Where Does
Search Engine Optimization
Fit Into Your Customer Acquisition Funnel?

Don’t be fooled into promises of a #1 position ranking. No one has the power to guarantee this. Search engine optimization is always adapting and shifting, with Google now incorporating even more AI and machine learning algorithms to determine their ranking sets.

We work hard to follow best-known practices to provide the highest level of quality user experience. With top notch tracking and measurement protocols- we learn quickly.

Search Engine Optimization intersects with every aspect of your Customer Acquisition Funnel. Every user searches for their own unique reasons.

Press.Care SEO’s Search Engine

Gets Results

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

Press.Care Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or web designer, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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