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Website Design Development2022-12-12T10:49:42-05:00


Website Design Development

Award-winning designers and developers here at Press.Care are proven experts at communicating your unique value proposition beautifully, and effectively. Built-in optimization is key to DRIVING TRAFFIC. Schedule a free consultation today.






Your best source of traffic comes from FREE “organic” traffic from search engines like Google. By starting with an SEO audit of your site, we can analyze your market and your competition. We can subsequentially create the optimal SEO information architecture and new content we will need to write for you.


This is our top secret weapon for website design development. By using proven direct response copy, we will boost your reach and drive more conversions into paying customers. Our 46-point go-live checklist makes certain that your entire website is jam-packed with extremely compelling content and trust-forging components.


We use conversion-centered design that optimizes engagement and visitors interaction for our clients’ sites. Pages are therefore designed to look beautiful and will be lightning-fast on all devices. We structure your pages to create focus, reduce friction, build trust, and show the benefits of your goods and services.

High QualityWordPress Web Design / High Conversion Rates / Built In SEO



Website Design Development Business Analysis



What are the objectives of the website?

With our comprehensive examination process, we will then be better able to assess the targeted goals of your website and how to provide the best support. We will thoroughly review your branding, marketing, and corporate identity material. Following this, we then map out and analyze the strategic, usability, and functionality requirements of your site for our website design development services.



Audit the SEO landscape to identify optimal site structure

In order to create the best content requirements, we employ sweeping SEO research in order to determine the best-performing competitors. We focus on the leading rivals in your market in order to build an extensive site Informational Architecture. To clarify, this will serve as the base structure of the site and will give it the best possible odds of reaching the top of search rankings.

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Content creation

With the data obtained in the SEO Audit, we consequently can build top-tier Information Architecture. We can fill the gaps in the content on your existing website, giving careful attention to the highest revenue opportunity pages available in your budget. Our copywriters will create SEO-friendly content for your website using the best practices provided by our in-house expert keyword researchers.



Design the key page templates

Our designers will develop custom-built page designs that suit the needs and goals of your webpage with the most effective page structures. These will be sent to you for approval if you have any alteration requests to be made. You’ll also be able to see how well our designs work across all device formats.



Over to you for content and design sign-off

After the content and page designs have been finished, the results will be forwarded to you for final approval. This provides an opportunity to modify the design or copy before we go into production.

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Pages developed in CMS

Once site production starts after sign-off approvals, our developers can start full production of coding your website. Your designated page template designs will then be used to build the pages of content for your site. We use the top industry standards in terms of page load speed, mobile optimization, and HTML/CSS practices. We favor WordPress and Webflow as the CMS providers of choice. Both platforms are user-friendly and will empower you to make any future changes or add posts with ease.



Set up Google Analytics to track all conversions

While we are building the site, our Analytics experts will be setting up your Google Analytics account and ensuring all goals are being tracked (form submissions, phone calls, and more).



Connect forms to your marketing automation platform

Never lose another lead again by integrating your website forms into your CRM or marketing automation platform. You’ll have all the tools you need to attend to them throughout your sales lifecycle.



Setup hosting environment and run-through testing

We will provide the local and remote development environments to make sure your site looks great everywhere it is accessible. We will test and optimize your site to work on all modern internet browsers, including backward compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer.



Content Management System training

We will provide two hours of CMS training for up to three participants in order to make sure you have the fundamentals of posting new content. Training will be held remotely via Skype screen-share. We can provide additional training as needed on request.


What Is Included With My Purchase Of A Press.Care Website?2022-11-01T09:20:34-04:00

With your purchase of any Press.Care website, you will receive:

  • Lifetime security updates.

  • Premium backend and frontend database scripts and plugins.

  • More than 100 Premium Design and Layout Elements prebuilt into your site for future and current design use.

  • Detailed help files, constantly updated for use by your in house team if they care to update or troubleshoot and elements in the future.

  • Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry standards & trends.
  • Big websites always work with popular 3rd partyWordpress plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, HubSpot, WPML, and more.

Where Can I Get Support?2022-09-06T10:41:23-04:00

Hands-on support with our professional team of support experts is accessible by phone, chat, email, and support ticket communications 24/7.

  • To access support ticket system for non-emergency support, you will need to register a support account here.
  • Once your support account is set up, you can submit support tickets.
  • Learn how to navigate your support account Dashboard here.
  • You can also phone as or contact us using the info here.
  • For a detailed overview of our support policy read our terms.

Why Should I Trust Press.Care?2022-11-01T09:20:03-04:00

Trust is a quality that we take great care to foster and maintain by building long-term professional relationships that our customers can rely on. Here are some important qualifiers:

  • The #1 selling Website Development company and top rated according to consumer reports 11+ years and counting.

  • We love what we do and who we do it for. Your future is our focus.

  • All Press.Care websites are 100% developed and maintained in-house, in the USA.

  • Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry security standards.

  • Press.Care has no dependence on 3rd parties to deliver a stable & seamless website development experience.

  • 5500+ websites developed, along with help files, WordPress plug-in authoring and continued updates to keep all sites, scripts, and software, secure and updated.

  • We have created numerous video tutorials, with new videos, added regularly.

  • Press.Care WordPress websites work with popular 3rd party plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, The Events Calendar, HubSpot, WPML, and many more.

  • Years of evolving Press.Care’s website builder by listening to our customer’s feedback is what helps shape Press.Care’s roadmap for the future.

  • A community of Press.Care customers has created a very well-established online community forum.

  • Close to 6,000 Press.Care websites and counting, that’s real experience to help you build your dream website.

What Does The Typical Construction Of A Website Cost?2022-11-01T08:39:53-04:00

There are a number of factors to consider in the creation of a website, from the total number of pages, features, and systems of complexity. Our typical website proposals range in cost from $5,500-$25,000.

How Long Is The Typical Set-Up Time To Design And Build A Website?2022-11-01T08:39:12-04:00

Depending on the size and complexity of a project, the average website takes 8-12 weeks to create.

Will You Provide The Copy Or Do I Need To Come Up With Something?2022-11-01T08:37:31-04:00

We can handle whatever your preferences are. Our SEO copywriters can create or rewrite your website copy. We will use all of your usable copy provided. We will do a comprehensive assessment of all copywriting requirements before we produce a quote.

How Do You Prove That The Site Has Been Thoroughly Optimized For SEO?2022-11-01T08:36:49-04:00

One of the more crucial steps in the website creation operation will be a full audit of the SEO scene in your market. Using the data, we can build the right site information architecture and select the right keywords. Our copywriters can produce the SEO-optimized content that your site needs. We also run a go-live checklist to further optimize your site for SEO, using such tools as sitemaps, and robots.txt.

Do You Offer Training After The Creation Of The Site?2022-11-01T08:36:17-04:00

Absolutely! We provide a round of training to your website using the Content Management System (CMS). You’ll have the skills to update images, add photos, and create new blog posts and pages.

Will You Be Able To Integrate My Website Into My CRM System?2022-11-01T08:35:49-04:00

Yes! We highly recommend site integration, most particularly if you have an offline sales process.  Connecting the forms on your website to your CRM system will link your advertising and marketing campaigns together in a synergistic way.

Does Your Company Handle Logo Design Work?2022-11-01T08:35:16-04:00

Unfortunately, we do not have specialized designers to provide logo work services. This is best served by an agency that specializes in brand development.

Do You Create E-Commerce Sites?2022-11-01T08:34:44-04:00

We are able to create an e-commerce website for you, but that is not our area of expertise. We raise the bar when it comes to the development of lead-generating websites.

What Qualities Should I Be Looking For When Hiring AWordPress Web Designer Or A Developer?2022-11-01T08:34:17-04:00

Consider their portfolio of work when it comes to the quality of websites they have built previously. Make sure to see any case studies of these sites in order to determine how high-performing they can be in terms of leads and sales generation.

What Are The Advantages Of Building With Webflow Instead Of WordPress As Your Go-To Website Platform Of Choice?2022-11-01T08:32:44-04:00

Webflow allows our conversion designers to build pages with very efficient code that runs at blistering speeds.

If I Build My Site In WordPress And Want To Later Convert It To Webflow, Can It Be Moved Over?2022-11-01T08:33:33-04:00

We can provide you with a quote to convert your site into Webflow on request.

How Do You Define GreatWordPress Web Design?2022-11-01T08:28:51-04:00

Great web design is a gorgeous website, that is simple to use and gets the results you need.

What Platforms Do You Typically Use?2022-11-01T08:28:29-04:00

Most of our websites are built using WordPress because of a healthy user base, an exceptional library,  and ease of use for our clients.

Will My Site Work Well On Mobile Devices Like Cell Phones?2022-11-01T08:27:55-04:00

Of course! We use industry best practices to keep your site design looking beautiful across all devices.

Are Your Websites Intended For Conversion Focus In Order To Boost Inquiries And Leads?2022-11-01T08:24:31-04:00

Absolutely! Our prime goal is the development of a high-performance website. Our most important metrics are leads and sales generated.

Do You Offer Any Sort Of Maintenance Plan In Order To Provide Support?2022-11-01T08:23:17-04:00

Yes! We offer monthly maintenance plans for your site in order to guarantee that security, plugins, and key functionality is up to spec and current.

If I Have A WordPress Site, Do You Use Themes Or Do You Make Them From Scratch?2022-11-01T08:22:31-04:00

We develop your website from scratch using our templates because pre-built themes have limitations our developers don’t like using.  We often up with poorly-coded themes, which can add to development times.

If I Use An Existing System, Can You Have Our Website Communicate With That?2022-11-01T08:21:41-04:00

As long as your system uses an open API, we can usually have the site be able to communicate with your backend systems.

How Will I Maintain My Search Rankings Once You Have Switched Over To My Redeveloped Website?2022-11-01T08:20:46-04:00

We will assess your current SEO performance before the rebuilding work commences. High-ranking pages will be selected for special attention, as to avoid excessive changes that could impact ratings.

Can You Set Up Our Email System?2022-11-01T08:19:33-04:00

Correct! We can generate as many email accounts as needed if you are starting the business from the ground up.

What If My Business Isn’t Where You Are Located? Would You Still Be Able To Build My Website?2022-11-01T08:19:13-04:00

Absolutely! We can build your website, no matter what part of the world of the country you are based in. We have experience building for a wide array of clients nationally.

What If I Have An Existing Website? How Do I Know If It Needs To Be Updated Or Designed?2022-11-01T08:18:18-04:00

Take a moment to consider the state of your existing website. Does it have antiquated design standards? Has your business undergone any major overhauls since the last time the site was given a major refresh? Is your website slow to use or difficult to use on mobile devices? If you’ve replied “yes” to any of these questions, your website needs a redesign.

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Your website is the focal point of your digital strategy and it’s where most of your customers will encounter your brand first. Let us help you make the best impressions possible by designing and developing a conversion-centric website on a user-friendly CMS.

Our website design/development experts build sites that address our clients’ requirements and goals to suit their needs. We use the cutting edge of modern design standards for all devices, built for speed, and geared to generate leads and sales.

Your website is pivotal in converting your traffic into sales leads, so this strategy fits into the Drive More Leads stage of your customer acquisition funnel:

Get More Leads With Press.Care SEO’sWordPress Web Design/Development

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

Get More Leads With Press.CareWordPress Web Design

Whether you are a beginner, marketer, or professional, Press.Care has the tools & resources you can rely on to succeed.

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